My sons Youtube

My sons Youtube

My son has done a lot of interesting things, his art surpasses in in scope and creativity. I told him I wanted to post a link to one of his Youtube videos. He told me to use the one from a link on the Youtube site instead because it was better. So I did. Though I think the other one is just as good.

This video was shot by Lee, all the music was written and played and recorded by him, all the artwork and photos included are by him. He recorded it on an ordinary handheld Canon camera. Not a video camera, a camera, and a cheap $300 dollar one at that.

Please check it out, its a neat piece of work and has not received enough recognition. 

Lee taught himself how to play guitar, then took it from there and now plays banjo, keyboards, piano, harmonica, drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, and he sings. He records all his own stuff and wants to do soundtracks for filmed work someday. I told him I would help him network through my site and people could hook up with him through this link if they are interested.

Thank you, now watch the video.  :  )


More Signs

More Signs

Hey baby, whats your sign? I carve signs for people when I get the time. And I never charge enough for my work. I do all my carving by hand with gouges, chisels and knives – so its very labor intensive work. These three were works in progress and part of a period where I had immense amounts of time while working full time. I was carving on my half hour lunch break each day. I drew crowds while I sat on The Commons in Ithaca, NY and carved signs and walking sticks. It was good exposure but only led to one job. Oh well, I love to carve, write, and photograph, and they all demand much attention and time to be at the least decent.

A few hundred yards of thread

A few hundred yards of thread

A few of the custom thread wraps I have done on commission on walking sticks I create. They literally take 16-32 hours each, threads are wrapped one at a time to produce a pattern. It takes much patience to do this, and I usually work three hours at a time or chance screwing up. Its rewarding to see the finished product. I have done over 180 carved and wrapped sticks in the past 10 years, would have done more but work keeps getting in the way of my free time.