Whenever I get close to the edge of a high place anymore I experience vertigo. I never used to. I used to climb some of the local cliffs with others, and no ropes, and never broke any bones. But now when I’m near the edge I’m useless. Someone obviously doesn’t have the same problem that I have.



This is proof that not everyone should attempt to create art. I don’t consider this art. However, it is something I created and am posting it. It is in actuality a photo of a highway with taillights at the end and was shot through my windshield at night, and then inverted. So this is what I call playing around and manipulating.

Me and Me and Him Too

Me and Me and Him Too

This was another photo which made my digital photo class blush. It was all in good fun and was not meant to be used as anything but art. However I had a woman who was progressive (outside of college) who nearly busted a gasket when she saw it. She would not allow me to display at a public art show with my landscapes even though I wasn’t going to show this photo. Talk about uptight. I had fun shooting this one. It took awhile to get the shots, had to get the positioning right. And at least I kept my hat on.

A Gathering of Observers

A Gathering of Observers

They used to watch me write for hours, and were very good company. I made them who they are, and hopefully they are used for walking as they were meant to be. It’s sad, thinking of them being somewhere outside my realm, not knowing if they are mistreated. I hope they are admired, used properly, and handed down through generations. I built them to last and poured my heart into each and every one of them. They were my humble beginnings.

A few hundred yards of thread

A few hundred yards of thread

A few of the custom thread wraps I have done on commission on walking sticks I create. They literally take 16-32 hours each, threads are wrapped one at a time to produce a pattern. It takes much patience to do this, and I usually work three hours at a time or chance screwing up. Its rewarding to see the finished product. I have done over 180 carved and wrapped sticks in the past 10 years, would have done more but work keeps getting in the way of my free time.