Band Update Again

This is a link to the facebook page for the band I am in, Tragic Magic. We still don’t have a bass player, but are persevering. So check us out, like our page, and as we grow you will be witness to the birth of the band and the progression from there forth. All the compositions are originals written by myself and the guitarist and drummer at this point.

My First Guest Blog

I was asked to write a guest post based on a comment I made on a blog recently, so I agreed based on the amount of hot air I had on the subject. It was posted yesterday, and its link is here, Guest Post: Shattered Dream Of Peace. If any of you get the opportunity, please check it out and give a comment, and thank Daan for allowing me to place my words and thoughts on his blog page, it would be appreciated.

In other news in my life, the band is coming along well. I believe there is no other band out there which sounds like us. Reason being – my vocals sound like no other vocalist. Not being pompous, just realistic. Example; Rod Stewart, not many sound like him – and you can usually pick up his voice. Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, Robert Plant, from Led Zeppelin, John Cougar, and I think you get the point. They all have original voices. And so do I. So our material is unique. But its also because we have a timekeeper who is spot on, and a guitar player who can sit and write songs with me one after another – such is his creativity. No we only need to hire another bassist. We seem to be Spinal Tappish when it comes to bassists. Any good bassists out there? Anyhow, we plan to get a bassist, and record the first of (hopefully) many CD’s and then send them out into the world. And they are not songs based on hot women, fast cars or entertainment. They are songs based on thought, feelings, and change. Of course I make them sound too stuffy by describing them that way. And they aren’t stuffy. They range from classic rock styling to heavy metal and maybe a few mosh songs. I’m old but not dead, and can use my vocal cords to propel what I need to.

Well, enough for now, gotta go. keep in touch. And please check out the guest post I wrote. Thank you.

From Autumn To Ashes

From Autumn To Ashes

This photo shows part of Senses Fails backdrop behind the members of From Autumn To Ashes, one of my favorite bands. On this occasion I was shooting photos from a balcony with a cheap camera, and lead vocalist Fran Marks (who I had met during previous shows in other locales) remembered me and climbed the balcony, clung to me and put the microphone between my ear and his mouth and continued to scream, which was the highlight of my day. They were an awesome band, and if you like your music to be loud, fast but also well written, produced, and with lyrics that are mentally satisfying then the C.D. The Fiction We Live is for you. This was a great time of my life that I will never forget. A very down to earth band, with great skills.