Can you spot the Leopard?

Can you spot the Leopard?

Just a little zoo like humor. The creature was not impressed by the crowd. I only managed to get it to look at me twice. the rest of the time it looked away from the imbecilic humans.

What Happens At The Zoo…

What Happens At The Zoo...

What happens at the zoo, should stay at the zoo. But I am a photographer, so photos happen. Would like to thank Daniel for making this shot possible.

At The Zoo

At The Zoo

I shot this photograph at the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton, NY. The Ross Park Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in the United States. Upon entering the zoo a visitor can see that it used to be much more, and that it could again some day. If all our money wasn’t spent on meaningless wars (to satisfy the egos of greedy politicians and to placate corporations) zoo’s like this would still be in their glory. Its important to understand that the more we take away from our culture and away from the children who need places like zoos to learn and grow – the more we cut our own throats as a society. The money WE spend on wars should be put to better use, like education and places like zoos. But WE don’t rebel, WE don’t take government back, and WE allow institutions of education to falter so the rich can be richer.
When I saw this owl, I thought how much it must wish to be back in the wild. I thought that about all the animals. Then I thought a little deeper. No, the animals are probably glad to be in the zoo. Its safer there away from mankind’s stupidity. I almost wish there was a zoo to keep sane people away from the dumbed down masses that push for these wars and allow their government to tranquilize them with the thought that they are doing us any good by being overseas killing in the name of the almighty dollar. That’s right, killing in the name of GOD, because thats what the almighty dollar represents, GOD!