Lady On A Fence

Lady On A Fence

This lady was in the cemetery with those who fought for their country, and for freedom. I think most of them would be sickened if they saw what they fought for in such a despicable state. And freedom? That seems to be a word used loosely. Freedom means not being trapped within the borders of a country because some rich snob wants to contain greed to within their accounts. But that is what it has come to. These men in this cemetery would disagree with the way we allow politics to stifle freedom.




This isn’t the greatest nor most original photo, but I love the aerodynamic look. The shape of the bird is so cool. Man, I wish I could fly!

Further Into This

I have begun to Twitter more. Amassing a new list of friends I hope to spread the message of change for the better. I exist for a reason, and I have found that reason to be helping unmask the disguise we have been led to accept – as the way things need to be versus the way things could be.

We each have the ability to facilitate change through our contact with others. Others can spread a word if they believe there is hope.

I am not a Christian, though this may not sit right with some I apologize to them. Your religious beliefs are not a target for my writing. I believe that if you have a faith in something other than what we are forced to believe then that makes you similar to me. I believe the Bible may have been written as a guidebook, but I also believe we have been deceived and made to think it needs to be used in a specific way. Our religious leaders are using the power of what they have been handed to use for helping, as a way to amass more than faithful followers. There have been many in the religious realm who are as bad as a politician in my book. The money hound, the molester, the user of faith as a shield to perform these misdeeds. But that doesn’t mean there are all bad religious intentions. Which means that I don’t believe that all religious followers are as bad as those who misuse their belief. How many Atheists pursue war? I’m sure there are some, but most do not go out of their way to help others and cause death to do so.

That being said, this is my goal;  ”to usurp the traditional media in hopes of strengthening man’s dream of becoming a world without war, a world where common sense and practicality determine how actions are taken within our society, and a world where we can reverse the ills we have caused.”

We are a society of a species who has no idea who they are, why they are here, or where they are going. Pretty poor roles to play for a species as ingenious as our own. We can do better. We can reverse climate change, we can build a world where our children are safe, we can educate better and prepare for the future by discussing what needs to be done in order to attain these goals.

This is no script, no pre-written statement, this is typed in as fast as I can think in order to keep a train of thought from wandering.

I solemnly believe we don’t know what we are doing as a species because our world has become so fragmented. We no longer know how to approach issues as groups because we have become so solitary as individuals. We have smaller circles of friends and large circles of acquaintances, we communicate digitally rather than personally, our thoughts become lost as just another post, or something someone read and then forgot, much as this post will be forgotten and cast aside after use.

Our world has been treated the same. We build in order to sell, we build cheaply in order to build more, everything is disposable to keep selling and building more. Wouldn’t we rather build and build correctly in order to keep our little planet from dying? No, our larger organizations would rather sell more to retain their financial security than sell less to maintain life on this world for their future offspring.

Man cannot grasp the meaning of the big picture because his thoughts proceed like this; man wakes in the morning, (if he’s clean he showers and puts on fresh clothes) he goes to work to create money for someone else or to pay his bills, he goes home and entertains himself however he pleases, he sleeps and repeats the routine the next day. He listens to what he has been told and believes half of what he has been provided to hear. He says he will try to help change for the better but never gets around to it because just paying the bills is a full time endeavor. Such is the life of man. Sound like freedom to you?

My idea, more freedom. We produce what we need to ensure the worlds populace does not go hungry, we build material goods to outlast any ever produced before, we cut our ties with any financial systems whatsoever. We begin with a fresh slate. I’m not talking about Communism, Democracy or any other political convention (which have been created by man to make them feel secure or to be led by those whose egos will not allow them to admit that they also have no idea of mans supreme goal – remember this: any word which is created for governments use has been created to divert the attention of the masses) I am talking about true survival of the race. I am not saying we can’t have an online, or entertainment, just that we need to make some changes in these arenas in order to reverse the damage we cause by the financial greed we have inherited.

Many of you will think of me as a crackpot after reading this. I don’t care. I am a good willed individual who at least is attempting to make a better world out of one I see destroyed by the conventions of man everyday. I am trying to open eyes to the fact that we can make this change, but we need to question everything we have become, and question what it is we believe we can be.

I believe in true freedom, which means no one taking the initiative to start a war in my name  and calling it for the good of all, when its really a sham to make someone with money more money while their goals destroy our world.

Believe what you want to believe, that is your freedom. Believe your system looks out for your well being, also your choice, believe the media, your choice. Or question why things are done the way they are. Question why your world has been put in jeopardy – because it is in jeopardy – and why the most important aspect of our being here is ignored.

What is the most important aspect of our being here, you may ask. The most important aspect is to nurture our young, to provide a better place for them so they may become what we have not. What have we not become? Free, happy, at ease with knowing that what they do makes a difference in what we will do tomorrow.

Utopia is a word which is scoffed at because of the nature of mankind. We have only been known as killing machines. So in order to create change here are the things we must do: we must change our views on why we need politics, we must create an enterprise of factual media, we must separate entertainment from reality, we must eradicate the manufacture of faulty products created for the purpose of cyclical consumption, we must change what we do to our world on a daily basis, we must concentrate on our role as providers of food.

None of these things will we change. Not because we don’t want a better world, but because we cannot step away from what we have known, what we are taught, what we are expected to believe. We are followers, no matter what you believe, two legged lemmings.

Our green future could be a reality, but our leaders will have no control if it is a reality. Our green future could be a reality – if corporations relinquished their hold on how they could make profit from that future. Our green future could provide health, abolish starvation, and reverse the effects of climate change, but we are too ignorant to allow this to occur.

Our politics were set up for a different purpose than what they are used for today. Today they are ways to amass wealth and then to call that wealth freedom. Our only chance at changing anything at all is to eliminate the need for money, and it can be done. Thinking is the only way to create change, and thinking deeply will show that money has become the key to all we do. A piece of paper dictates who we are as a species. That same paper commands death or life. That same paper you spent to put gas in your car prevents freedom. And on that paper they have printed “In God We Trust,” but god has nothing to do with that scrap of paper. Do you believe god would want that on his shoulders? All the death caused by those scraps of paper.

If you have any thoughts on this rant, this discourse on the failings of mankind, I appreciate a response and will respond back to you. Maybe I’m wrong, but its my opinion. And thats something which is still ours if we allow it.

Thank you if you read this, and thank you if you direct others to it, because that means you cared enough to think about it. And thats all I am asking is for you to think, think outside the rules which have governed your lives.

Thank you.

Which Will It Be

My deepest thoughts are coming, I have barely begun to let out the true capability that is within myself and the hearts of everyone of you out there. We all have something inside that we cherish and love and are afraid to show because of fear that its not good enough to satisfy our egos.

So cast the ego aside and allow what you have to contribute to this ailing society out of you and into the fire we all can make.

Burn your fears, and turn that fire into a positive wave, that will wash across the world and transform what we know into a rebirth. 

These are not idle words, these are not a script or a sermon, or a diatribe to make you follow any movement or cult. This is a plea to humanity to open their eyes and take notice that the answers we all seek are inside each and every one of us. So look within and find what you can do to change the world around you for the better. This is a prelude to my great unveiling, my magnum opus, my grand soliloquy, my greatest achievement yet to come along in my years of life. This will be a post I promised to come soon, but not this post, not this one. 

What would you say if I told you there was a way to redeem ourselves in the eyes of our children, to make up for the mess we have made of this once magnificent planet? 

Because there is a way, and I intend to prove it. I intend to show anyone who cares enough to leave a better world for their children how we can do this. But we can’t do it as individuals, unless as individuals we do it as one. One by one we need to take what my blog will say and mull it over, think deeply about the words, not the craftsmanship of the writer (me) who put it into words – the words themselves are the catalyst. I am just the conduit that put them within your realm of comprehension. I am a nobody who has a big thought. But its my big thought – I have decided to let it out – to cast aside the ego, to nullify the me, me, me and think on a global scale. We all have something to give, so why haven’t we? Not as a donation to cure this or that, or to say we gave to charity. This is bigger than charity and donations, this could be the cure to what we lack as a species.

As a species what is our goal? If any two people can answer that for me and the answers are the same I will be amazed. Because we all have different ideas of why we are here. And it really is irrelevant. What matters is that we are here, and what are we going to do with that knowledge? What is mankind’s goal on planet earth. To see how much we can amass before our lives run out? To see how far we get before our time is up? To see how far we can push mother nature before she finally ceases? Or is it something bigger and more positive?

Forgive me for the questions, but I really hope you take them seriously and try to come up with answers that make sense in your minds. I understand that on WordPress I am surrounded by people far more intellectual than myself, as I said I’m a nobody. And if a nobody such as I can come up with an idea as big as I think it is I can’t imagine how vast the ideas the true intellectuals can produce.

This is written from my head as I type, these words flow from my mind as I try to make you see that you all have it, you all have a gift that can spread and be used to transform the world we destroy. If you choose to use that gift it is entirely up to you. I can only ask you to think about it. And be open minded to the blog post which is forthcoming from me. 

I have the basics doodled out in a notebook because I usually write in pen before I commit to a computer. And I know it is an idea of epic proportions. I don’t have all the details worked out, all I have is a small spark. It is up to you to add the air and make that spark come to life and become an inferno.

Feel free to comment on that post, to spread that post, to share it and discuss it, and to formulate it into a cogent plan of action. Because words are merely words, and actions are necessary to make those words viable.

I thank you all for reading my post, for listening to a dreamer think of ways to make the world a safe place where we share a common goal. We don’t need guns to solve anything, only wisdom. Our brains should be able to propel us in a new direction for the sake of our childrens’ future.