From Autumn To Ashes

From Autumn To Ashes

This photo shows part of Senses Fails backdrop behind the members of From Autumn To Ashes, one of my favorite bands. On this occasion I was shooting photos from a balcony with a cheap camera, and lead vocalist Fran Marks (who I had met during previous shows in other locales) remembered me and climbed the balcony, clung to me and put the microphone between my ear and his mouth and continued to scream, which was the highlight of my day. They were an awesome band, and if you like your music to be loud, fast but also well written, produced, and with lyrics that are mentally satisfying then the C.D. The Fiction We Live is for you. This was a great time of my life that I will never forget. A very down to earth band, with great skills.


Fan Photo

Fan Photo

Huge fan of From Autumn To Ashes – R.I.P. (please come back and make more music) and this is a semi-blurry shot of Fran Marks (the frontman) as seen through the lens of a slow camera without flash from a balcony with no zoom while wishing I had a real camera.