Catch – 22

I am in a catch – 22, pardon the cliche, but that is where I am as I write this post. I have decided to use my skills as a manipulator of words as a vehicle to try to earn additional income as a freelance writer.

My full time job is an un-gratifying kick in the teeth which gets me nowhere financially and intellectually. i strive to be somewhere else before the advent of another summer. But summer seems so close and I am just beginning to research how to write and publish a blog and publish it to gain enough momentum to try to write freelance articles for online sites. I write both fiction and non-fiction, essays, songs, poems and assorted quips and quotes all with an aim to inform, entertain and to propel new thought among others.

As I write these first few blogs I write them as samples to show that I am only human. My sentence structure reflects who I am. I have run-ons, incomplete sentences, slang, cliched sayings, and generally sound like I am – a complex jangled mess of thoughts dying to get out of a man trapped in the retail profession. I have a mind and wish to be paid for it. I have beautiful thoughts and photographs and wish for the world to see them. I have ability and will share it with a willing world.

My art is not a particular piece. It is all pieces which I produce. My art of words is not studied or taught and my philosophy is unwritten. My, my, my, it always comes to that no matter what we say or do. The aim of my vision, my art, my words is to percolate thought. I want to provoke inspiration and find the deeper selves within us. The deepest, the thoughts which have been bred out of us over time, as we were forced by culture to forget. Why are we here, if not to create positive change.

I believe every voice counts, more-so than a voice in our political circus. Each voice can raise five new voices if what is said is important. This is what it means to be free. These signals we send are the inner process meant to be released to help others see a light that was extinguished when we ushered in an era of entertainment over importance. Writers are the last bastion of hope to remind people that we need to seek a future goal as a race. What is that goal?

My goal; to escape a mundane life filled with negativity and to enter a new place. A place where I can elaborate on my thoughts and enlighten others and feel intellectually fulfilled.

Cascadilla Falls Gorge, Ithaca, NY

Cascadilla Falls Gorge, Ithaca, NY

A photo of one of the falls in Cascadilla Gorge in Ithaca, NY, which is adjacent to Cornell University. I shot this with film and edited it in Jasc Photoshop (currently Corel Photoshop). One of my collection of area waterfalls.