Vacation Time

So, as I posted on my other blog, I am on vacation and hoping to make the most of my time. Hope to write at least one good essay exposing the frailty of our current system and how we are being duped and exploited for profit. The world is dying at the hands of those who think with their wallets and wisdom has become an afterthought. Common sense is a thing of the past, and education has been thrown under the bus. We need to wake up America, and then set good examples for the world. Isn’t that what we were famous for? Being world leaders? What happened. We were set up by bankers, corporations and our political system was shanghaied by those who wanted total power over the masses. We ignored warnings by such men as Thomas Jefferson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and most recently, Ron Paul. They all warned of impending circumstances which would affect our quality of life and the opportunity to develop as a conscious race of people. All those warnings were shrugged off, ignored in favor of convenience. Now look at your neighbors as they work two or three jobs to survive. Look at your neighbors as they lose their homes. And think to yourself “that could be me next.” 

Wake up America, time is getting close, and the new Rome will fall as predicted.


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