The Long View

The Long View

It’s sad to think that these are just a few of the people who have fought wars for moronic leaders. Think about it, we fight wars to prevent violence. Duh!! So who fights the wars? Not the leaders. The sheep fight the wars. How does it feel to be a sheep, fighting for the cause of someone who has no clue what peace means? Sad to go to visit a relative who has died for the ideals of some jackass who sits behind a desk and dictates where to send the next batch to be slaughtered in the name of freedom. Sorry, but everyone knows freedom shouldn’t cost blood. I absolutely hate politicians. Maybe someday we will find a use for them, like putting them into a blender and making fertilizer from their worthless pencil pushing bodies. They deserve all the pain they have caused the common man over the centuries. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. The men beneath these stones fought to protect what they value. All we fight for no is what out greedy corporations and bankers value. And if you believe otherwise you should be bi@#h slapped, because it means your brain has been manipulated beyond the point of no return.
Send our politicians, corporate CEO’s, Military Industrial Complex, and the bankers to war, and see how long that lasts.


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