Story; I was driving down a road I had travelled many times before and noticed a tree in the middle of a field which had never been there before. This tree was so far away that most would not have noticed it. But I had been on that particular road since I was 5 years old and knew every field, every tree, every aspect of the scenery. So I turned around down the road and pulled up across the road from the field.
It was raining out and I needed to keep my camera dry, so I put the camera to my eye and zoomed all the way in. Then I shot some photos.
It was a huge buck, an old one, his muzzle was grey and the beams on his rack had to go almost 2 1/2″ thick. I have 24 times zoom on my Nikon, about 430 mm, and I was zoomed max on optical zoom, shooting through the rain with no tripod. This was what I got. And even then I had to crop closer on my computer to really show what I had seen.
Anyone else would have drove by that day, but I am always looking for THE shot.

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