Blind Sam

Blind Sam

This is a photo of Samantha. She was blind, and came to out back yard every night to eat from a compost pile. She kept getting fatter, and was not afraid of us at all. She came to know our voices.
One day Sam came down and was skinnier, a week later she had a line of baby raccoons behind her. They followed her down and ate. They were not afraid of us as well, and Sam trusted us to approach because we had been kind to her.
One day the babies came but Sam did not. We fear that the coyotes had got her because of her blindness. So we began to feed the babies until they were large enough to get their own food and survive. They would come down on a nightly basis and eat, and I would shoot photos or videos of them. Eventually they got too large to approach and would hiss at me. So I respected their space. She was a very smart raccoon.


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