Red Barn

Red Barn

Thought it would be fun to play with the red filter.


5 thoughts on “Red Barn

  1. This picture reminds me of the time my older sister (who is deseased now, she was 41 when she passed) told me about the time she was living in Pensacola, FL driving down the road and her vision suddenly turned an all green tint. She saw her son older and a building that wasn’t built there yet. She didn’t get to see this vision very long and never experienced anything like it again. Possibly time travel thru a portal? She couldn’t figure it out. When she ended up moving to Indiana she saw the building being put up. But the feeling of your picture in red would have been for her in green. Very Cool. Thank you for sharing this photo. Can you do one in green? 🙂

    • That is very surreal. I believe there are alternate planes to our existence, so it doesn’t surprise me, must have been freaky to experience though. Maybe she knew she would have a short life and saw that things would go on without her (symbolic of the building going up and of her son aging). And yes – I can do one in green as well, any color. :^ )

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