Out of The Box

A government that withholds facts from it’s citizenry is as evil as a government that lets the citizenry know what it does to them. And if the citizenry acknowledges what their own government does to them, what does that say about the citizenry? Are we so complacent with our lives that we can ignore the workings of our world and hope someone else fixes it?

Its time for a new society. What if there were a cap on how much a person needs for a lifetime. Think on this; what if there were a magic number that would allow each of us as a nation to have a set amount of money to live happy and comfortable lives. A number would motivate the individual to start a fresh new life. A number would allow ambition to determine how much of that number the individual would invest in the future. If we each had a new beginning we could reverse the effects our faulty government has had on it’s people. How did America, the America I was growing up in, turn into this? It’s almost embarrassing to admit I was once proud to be claimed by the mighty America. But now I have to walk lightly on the eggshells the government scatters for me to step on so they can imprison me and anyone like me, while the real criminals do the damage they do everyday.

Our world encompasses a pattern, a pattern and a routine we cannot ignore. What has the species done on this earth since we became it’s tenders? We have ruined it. We have made it a moat for our children to drown in. Our world needs to change, it’s as simple as that, and only we can do it. Let me ask you something – if you had a million dollars could you build a life? Could you build a life with a million dollars? Could you have enough money if you had a million dollars to last you for a lifetime? Because if you cant, then your greedy and you don’t deserve to be reading this. Move on, and find something which doesn’t challenge your ego.

A million dollars. I could start my own business and have enough to eat and live for a million dollars. That’s the number. Give everyone a million when they’re born, if they waste it they will need to work for someone to earn a paycheck. If they use it wisely they will invest in humanity, solar power companies, wind, water power, transportation which intakes carbon from the air and replaces it with clean air. We were once a great race, why not now, why can’t we get it through our heads? It doesn’t have to be this way. We are Americans, we should tend to our needs as a country before we go off to destroy others. 

Should we agree on something before you read any further? What sense does it make for one man, one solitary man, no matter what he has done for the world, to earn 400 million a year? A billion a year? Five billion? And if he is in a position to help people because his title gives him that responsibility, does that make him worth the 400 million? And if so, how is he helping us by earning 400 million? Do we have timeshare on his yacht, or in his sunny paradise? 

No, and be honest, you agree with me. We work hard, damn hard when we do so as Americans, however, we work hard at supporting a position we cannot afford. We put our children in jeopardy even as we institute laws prohibiting their own parents to discipline them. We build a future comprised of low to no possibilities. And what do we do to change this? Nothing. Be honest. We do nothing. As a nation we have lost our spark. 

We fight wars as the war machine earns money we supply. We pay the owners of these companies even knowing that a part of the government (the Federal Reserve – which is not in the constitution as part of the government) is printing more money to cover it – which we pay interest on as taxpayers. So we pay twice when we have a war. We have a war to free people, as our own citizens die because of neglect. Our friends, neighbors, countrymen cannot afford healthcare. If you had the million the government transferred from your pocket to the war you never asked for wouldn’t you believe it is still a free country? Because that money they spend to slaughter people in the name of Democracy is your money, my money, our money. Our money kills. And many of you lie to yourselves because it helps you sleep at night. 

I’m not saying don’t have a military, we should protect the freedoms we once shared, before they were hijacked along with our balls. We bow to a power that we created. We vote for them to run our world into the ground. We play the game as the numbers build in their accounts and your sweet Aunt Millie is dying because they cant afford to find a cure for her cancer. We shake our heads and mumble as each passing day shows us more corruption. We say gee maybe we can do something, then we lose that train of thought and become lost in the world of distraction. And please don’t tell me this does not happen to you. Distraction is a wonderful tool. It’s what the magician does as he lures your mind not to see what it is he does. As does the politician.

Dissent does not have to be a literal uprising. They have changed the constitution, without our consent, they have discouraged free thought, or you would hear more frequent ideas on how to solve mans simplest of problems – his own mind. Dissent can be handled by alternate means, means without a corrupt private run prison system, or a war. Dissent involves talking about the politics which are failing us. If we each had a million dollars, and we spent it accordingly, others would make money and our economy would prosper. If the investments we made were sound, then the outcome would be world changing ideas, not the same old thing – which we live.

We need to examine how we let this happen. How did man become so stupid that he could booby trap his own world for his grandchildren? How did we get to be trapped as citizens in our own lives? We live a symbiotic relationship with one another, every person, each and every country. If we want to change the world we need to begin here, we need to set examples, not just talk about it. We need to expel what doesn’t work and take radical steps to change our ideals one hundred percent.

The secret is to each have a million. Then the men with 400 million in a bank wont happen. Is their money helping our war? No, it collects interest. Is the multi-millionaires money keeping our country from printing more, thus devaluing our lives even more? No, his money cannot be touched.

The same goes for war, how many have died for the ideas of a few? Do we ask for war? No, but our government does, or we would be making peace instead of misery and death. If we approach what is happening with reasoning we can control the peace within ourselves. Until then we remain the zombies they want us to be, lulled by rules meant to contain not propel to great heights. 

As a nation, and as an example, we need to prove to the world that there is a way to fix our disasters. There is a way for us to repair the damage we have left for future generations. 

Because, (and think about this), if we don’t survive as a country, our race will still survive. However, the survivors will be those who have the millions, as the rest of us starve and do as were told. The survivors will be those who can afford to. Sound unrealistic? It’s happening today all around us. In our own country, the greatest country in the world, we cannot take care of our own people. We lie to ourselves as we get up each day. We take pills to ease our minds so we can kill depression. 

Depression is caused by a state unlike one we could have. We live this depression induced life because we do not communicate on a level pertinent to wise decisions. We rely on the few to make our move.

Each choice does not count in this country. Each mindful person has no clout. We are separate. We have ceased to be a forward nation. We imbibe the unacceptable and make it our own.


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