Eat A Frog

Eat A Frog

No…really, eat a frog. They’re nutritious and I like them, and so will you. So go and eat a frog.


13 thoughts on “Eat A Frog

    • Did you like it? They taste great. I used to hunt my own when I had time, the really big ones make a nice meal. Its just like eating chicken wings If they’re cooked right. You can probably tell I’m laughing now, huh? But I’m not laughing at you, laughing with you. Yes I’m being a wise a@%…..

      • If done properly, they taste fine – as you laugh at my misfortune, lol. I’ve had it again a few years later, and it tasted like… fish in swamp water? Not sure how to describe the frog legs, but they were not good. >_<

      • And you don’t like the flavor of fish in swamp water? OMG!!! LOL…I think it has a lot to do with the way they are prepared. I grew up in the country, so surviving off the land was a way of life. I guess I got used to eating wild, plants, animals, and ….frog legs. : )

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