Americas’ War On the Poor

It seems everywhere you turn the signs are evident. Debt collection, public assistance denial, companies cutting benefits, all signs that the poor are being squeezed for more than they can give. These are a few of the pitfalls prevailing among the poor and middle class citizens living in America today. There is no more stretching the dollar. The dollar has no more snap left to it. The dollars value has decreased to an extent that even the upper middle class are feeling the pinch. We can lie to ourselves and say it will get better. But do you really think it will get better without substantial change to the way we interpret the business of our daily lives? If you think thats the case then your only fooling yourself.

How do people survive on little to nothing when the prices on goods and services are no longer affordable? One way is to over extend their credit. Another way is to fail to meet their bill deadlines and constantly play catch up. Neither of these methods help and in due time the individuals are indebted to the point of never catching up. This is no way for anyone to live. There is no enjoying the pleasure of life when constant stress and depression over finances tug at a persons conscience, always there, dictating every decision. There’s no way people can save toward retirement or cover health related issues should these situations arise. The stress an individual feels as they slip deeper into a financial crisis is a serious health issue.

So how do people survive tough economic times? They don’t live a life of freedom, the main issue touted as the reason to live in America, freedom. Freedom that our young troops supposedly fight for. What good is freedom if you are a slave to your government? Isn’t that the opposite of being free? We live at the whim of the corporation or the politician. The corporation gets bailouts, the politicians get kickbacks from the corporations, the poor get no clean slate, no bailout, no recompense for the jobs their companies send overseas. The poor and lower middle class do whatever they need to in order to survive from one day to the next. Those with money now, who think they are above all this – be warned – when it all falls down you will be no better off than the rest.

Banks and corporations get bailouts when there is malfeasance in how their operations are run. The poor get higher taxes. The poor are directed to their government social services programs and they take whatever crumbs they are offered. By paying taxes, the poor and middle class have paid for the banks and corporate bailouts. We have directed our lives to ensure that something we will never see is in place for a chosen few. And if your like you then you have had enough. Enough excuses and lies, enough of being led by the nose.

When it comes time to foreclose on a house there is no help for the homeowner. The bank repossesses the home regardless of whether the owner has a place to live. The home could sit empty for an indefinite amount of time while its former owner lives on the streets. But the banks have no heartstrings to pull. The homeowner suffers at the expense of a failed economy because they can’t afford to keep food on the table for their children. The cost of clothing, food, transportation, health costs and daily expenses are so high that many have been doing without. This all stems from the games played by the government, corporations and the banks. And any of these institutions can be dismantled as quickly as they were built if there is ever a revolt in America. The poor are that mad. The middle class are that mad. And the message is a tension in the air. Do you feel that tension? I think government does, which explains the buildup of FEMA camps in the middle of nowhere, the arsenal buildup traveling to bases across the U.S., the buildup of U.N. vehicles stockpiled across the U.S., the buildup of munitions for the military.  I think there is going to be something big happening very soon, and its not going to be good for the majority of Americans. The tighter the dollar gets due to the games of greed and control the more angry the average citizen becomes. And the more worried our government gets concerning revolt.

Meanwhile a group of the super elite operate a counterfeiting group called The Federal Reserve. They print money at leisure with no repercussions to themselves. The more money they print the more the money is devalued and buys less. What this translates to is; now the average household requires both heads of household to work full time jobs to keep a family afloat. And in an economy of unemployment the poor take whatever jobs they can get. So the wages don’t increase because the employers know they can get cheap labor. The poor are forced to take jobs which are below their standard of living because the corporations and companies know they have these people where they want them. All due to favoritism in America of the corporation over the people who pay the wages of the politicians.

The Federal Reserve is a deceptive organization. The name connotes ties to the government but has nothing to do with being a legally organized branch of the American political system. The Fed (as it is called) is very much a counterfeiting organization on a grand scale. But they’re not worried about being caught, as they do their jobs with full cooperation of the American government and under the noses of every American. And have been doing so since they created this operation. Look it up in the Constitution, what they are doing is illegal. We have to abide by rules, so why don’t they? Are our leaders above us? I thought they were our servants, not the other way around. Government was formed to serve and to guide, not to control us by way of slavery.

In the Constitution it clearly states that what the Federal Reserve has been doing since its inception is illegal. The hardest part to swallow is that most Americans don’t even know the Federal Reserve is not a part of the government. Most don’t know the money is printed at our governments request and then loaned to our government to control inflation and deflation. The money is loaned to the American government at a cost and every taxpayer in America pays the price for that loan. The sad part is the poor can pay no more than they already are, and the rich can afford to pay more. But the poor must continue to pay even though the dollar shrinks and causes them to rely on help they would never need if America’s politics weren’t corrupt. The money is paid back to the Federal Reserve with interest attached. Research it people.

What this means is, even if the average American didn’t want that money printed or to pay interest on it they have no choice. Bad enough they have to pay to have money printed they then have to pay interest on it, and it isn’t even theirs. They pay interest on money that goes to the banks and to the government. The taxpayer pays for money which is then manipulated by the government and banks. The deficit rises due to this illicit activity. So while the public works to pay off the debt of a corrupt system the taxpayer falls into deeper debt. This is in effect a war on the rights of America’s citizens.

Average citizens can no longer afford to remain healthy. Healthier food costs more, healthier lifestyles cost more, seeing a doctor is virtually impossible for many people. Employers are cutting benefits for their employees and forcing their employees to find other ways to afford healthcare. In many cases the poor go without, however the men whose systems they support do not go without. This is the justice America serves on its working class.

The signs are evident, American citizens have been turned into slaves by the same institution which was put in place to protect them from the activity going on today. Don’t believe it? Ask a group of Americans and see what the polls say. The average American has no savings or retirement, they work week by week to pay their bills. Some of the bills are over inflated precisely for the reason of ensuring they remain employed so the bill collectors can collect from them every month. Its planned out so every American has x amount of dollars and x amount of bills. If an individual is laid off or quits working they will lose everything they own. This is psychological slavery. Subliminal and yet right in front of the noses of every American who whines and complains and then does nothing about it because they are told they are privileged to live in a free country. All manipulated by the same politicians who tell you they do things for the good of the people who support them.

America has perfected the war on its citizens. The politics have made it impossible to usurp the power maintained by those hired to protect its people. The Electoral College was put into place to bypass the people’s vote. Popular vote by the people, our vote, the one that should count, is surpassed by a vote we have nothing to do with as a mass. And we blindly watch this vote take elections where we have spoken and the words are muffled by the Electoral colleges vote. This is wrong, and we watch it happen.

The government is supposed to work for its people but the tables have been turned and now the people work to maintain a high style of living for their elected leaders while people lose their homes.

The term freedom is only relevant to those who have no worries, not relevant to those who are fleeced for the majority of their money to keep a crooked system going. Soon this must come to an end, and then the new Rome will fall.


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