Key To Life

The key to life is not knowing what’s next. Not sure how many doors it will open – but there’s a chance it could open the right one. I am still employed at a place where my creativity does not come into play at all, and that bothers me. I am a thinker who goes through the day working with the non-thinking class of working class and dreading how long the days seem. I have a mind that was not meant for trivial drama or pushing buttons to see how much money amasses. I was designed to create, to think of ideas, to question the whys and to answer the unknown. 

Unfortunately that doesn’t fit the retail position I currently hold. I dream of creating artwork for bands, for doing outlandish photo shoots, of writing lyrics for music that hasn’t yet been created, because these are the things I do when I’m not working a meaningless job with crap hours.

Does that sound whiny? It should because I feel whiny. I hate the fact that I have worked all my life to get somewhere or to make a difference and have nothing to show for it but the words I spit forth onto a computer screen. My neighbors are in Jamaica right now, and they only work twenty hours a week at a nine dollar an hour job??? I bust my rear like I have all my life and end up paying taxes for wars I don’t believe in. How fair is that?

So tonights post is no beacon of light. I will go to bed and wake early so I can submit three articles in the morning in hopes of selling one so I can at least say I did something useful with my time away from the drudgery. 

I hope my posts on changing the world at least strike a chord with someone, or they will be for naught as well. 

I wish I still had a band to make music with, because then I could scream to my hearts content and let out the agony and anger and words I write so well and make something of that. But now that the world is a place of work, eat, and sleep I have no time to take on other ambitions. I try to keep up with the many projects I have and even lapse at those. Such as this blog, I am seeing myself trying to keep up no matter where I turn to look.


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