Red Mushrooms

Red Mushrooms

…oh the one pill makes you larger, and the one pill makes you sm… Oh, sorry, no I don’t think they’re psychedelic, but they were beautiful so I took their portrait photo.


6 thoughts on “Red Mushrooms

  1. I recently posted a photo of a mushroom with an orange top with specks of white.
    After searching through other online photos and articles, I think it is an Amanita Muscaria–which is a poisonous psychoactive mushroom.
    But who knows. I could be wrong.
    Do you know what kind of red mushroom that is in your photo?
    All I could find is something called a “red waxy cap” mushroom. Again, I am not sure.
    Wouldn’t want to be my life on it, that’s for sure!

    • I have no idea what the genus of mushroom this is. I should probably look it up when I get the chance. But it was very bright, it stood out well from the floor of the woods. it was in a sparse pine area near apple trees and a swamp.

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