Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Another of my current hobbies is photo restoration, which I learned while in college. The colors here are gaudy. Who picked them? Hmmm…anyhow, this is one of the samples I repaired. Time consuming. Why is it all my hobbies eat up so much time that I don’t have. I need to quit my day job so I have time for all these hobbies. Hah!! I wish.


2 thoughts on “Photo Restoration

    • Yes, that last one is gaudy and bright. I repaired it to look like the middle one. The one on the end was to demonstrate to our professor (this was done as a college project) that we could color a photo after we repaired it. I chose conservative colors (believe it or not) compared to some of the young people in the class. I made the skin tone similar to a humans, unlike some students who chose lime green or purple. I didn’t do the colors as a design statement, just random choice for the clothing. Got an A on the project, and learned to be conservative if repairing for a client. Mine was normal in comparison to the others though. But I agree the colors are drastic.

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