Fan Photo

Fan Photo

Huge fan of From Autumn To Ashes – R.I.P. (please come back and make more music) and this is a semi-blurry shot of Fran Marks (the frontman) as seen through the lens of a slow camera without flash from a balcony with no zoom while wishing I had a real camera.


2 thoughts on “Fan Photo

  1. Never heard of them before, but since we like similar music I figured it wouldn’t hurt to hear a few of their songs. Looked them up on YouTube… I really like them! Why do I always find bands AFTER they stop making music 😦 Gives me no chance to see them live either.

    • They remain one of my all time fave bands. I saw them three times live, from Buffalo NY, to Poughkeepsie NY, and they ruled all three times. Check out the album The Fiction We Live in its entirety if you can purchase a copy, it will be well worth the money you spend on it. I listened to it for 6 months straight almost exclusively. I had never really done that since AC-DC came out with Back in Black in the 80’s, (yes I’m old dammit) and that was an eight track tape (…may have to Google that). if you listen to The Fiction We Live from beginning to end a few times, and read the lyrics you will fall in love with it. One of my most cherished discs, I wont loan it to friends. They were the real deal. The first time I saw them with The Loved Ones, Comeback Kid, and they co-headlined with Rise Against. They and Rise Against were two of the best live bands I have seen. And I have seen a few history making bands in my day.
      Glad you like their stuff.

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