The gist of this is plain to me to quell my animosity. 

There is no blame no right or wrong, just a rhyme, a lesson long.

I never was who I’m not – never tried perfections lure. 

I stayed inside this place known best, held my tongue, puffed my chest

When a young bird flies from safety, does it fear to meet the earth? 

What means this, to you or I? I took the leap and missed the sky.


Now I fear to try to fly – to leave the nest  that’s in my mind. 

How does trust play in to this? Now I fear the ground I kissed.

Can you see the me I am? Or is that something you pretend? 

If you don’t know who I am, I guess you’ll never understand.

I try to please and now I’m done, allegiance has displayed it’s nature. 

All for one it works both ways, I try to please but feel betrayed.


Of the course I set upon, I still believe I did my best 

trying not to imitate, the life I lived before we met.

Now the nest has coughed me out, shown me what the world does think.  

If I fly instead of fall, the ones I love in memory shrink.

My anger lies within the world, that kicked me all my life. 

From the time I was alone, through the time I had a wife. 


Now I cant pretend to say, that fear is not in play, 

the fear of losing all I love, is driving love away.

But what everyone else may see, is not the me inside, 

so their business should evaporate – if it they cannot mind.

As far as trust – good luck from me. When I have seen what trust can do, 

even you have shown me trust when you exposed your private stuff. 


How’s a man to forget and say, never will it be again?

When birds jump from their nest, 

to test their wings and lose their fear, 

is when they realize that death, is just part of life. 

I fear no death… nor man… I fear what you can do. 

Woman is the test of man, she who leads to noble ruin.


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