Knowing Is

Knowing is the sole purpose of asking questions. Though often the questions seem pointless – each has its purpose. Learning is obtained through a combination of mimicry, thought and creativity. Imagination is a helping tool to those who learn. There is always a better way to do things. Sometimes learning through a combination of techniques doesn’t work as planned and so a part of the combination of steps involved with the learning process must be changed, this is called adaptation. Adaptation makes strength through adjusting to new environments and stimuli. 

Personally, I don’t like personal matters to be second hand news, I hate hearing about myself or friends, or a lover, or events which affect me after someone else heard it first. This kind of learning is detrimental to first hand knowledge, which (to me) is fundamental in understanding the mechanics of a situation. I like to know when it comes to matters which affect me personally. Matters of the heart are the hardest to learn last or from someone else. Learning some things can be painful, but adaptation and imaginative techniques to overcome the trauma can be utilized to overcome the situation and to move on.

Knowing is not what its cracked up to be unless we are prepared for the answers. Sometimes not knowing saves the soul, which allows the mind to just live in a zombie state and be nothing out of the ordinary. Could it then be said, ‘the greatest wisdom lies in not knowing,’ and by not knowing one will never experience the rigors of learning, will never understand the complexity of what their thought and imagination can be when combined? And if we don’t know is it because we have forgotten? 

Do we lose sight of that which remains the most precious to us –  such as, health, happiness, relationships, and our personal goals – to hide behind masks of those we are not? Have we lost sight of the reason we are given the ability to freely think? 

I believe we have been given the capability to think to solve something, to overcome the obstacles of life and to meet a goal which has been set before us as a race. This goal is not evident to most people because we don’t even know what we are as a species. Think of it this way, the lion knows it is a predator – it preys upon misfortunate others to survive and to live its days contentedly. Is that all the human was meant to do? To eat, sleep and procreate, to live as beasts with no other goal than to carry on our damaged lineage? I believe there is a larger goal. I believe that goal is in our heads and that many of life’s riddles will be solved when we find this goal, this answer or as you will – this key. I think this goal has been sitting in front of our faces all along and we have neglected to see it because we have been too busy living to understand that there has to be a goal or all we have done to destroy this planet has been for naught. What do we learn and know for, if not to improve who we are. And can we honestly say we improve things in our environment as a race?

I don’t believe we can. And theres an argument for this. Some would say that by curing diseases we are advancing as a culture. (And I’m all for curing diseases and helping the ill). But by helping to overcome mother natures way of checks and balances we expand our already exploding population. We increase those we must account for. So do we advance as a culture by playing god and curing what was meant to fail? Are we advancing culture or avoiding the real answer. The real answer is to cure diseases and strengthen our race, but for what? We all die, and some of you go to heaven, some go to the great cloud of souls that rain down to become others, and some just go to blackness and beyond. 

What I want to know is what is beyond. Because beyond is where the rest of the answers lie for the human race. Beyond is the answer we all know but the question we fear to ask is death. Death is that which we avoid at all costs. It is also the key that is within our minds that leads us to what others speculate but no one knows. And if they say they know, then thats poppycock, the only goal we have as individuals is to die. As a species we have no set goal that we can say the world shares. And I want to know why. Because knowing is the sole purpose that I ask all of you questions, and the reason that I try to get others to think.


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