Run On Sentence

She stabbed me, took her knife from her pocket and stuck me right between my ribs, through my wife-beater tank top and deep into my heart, the steel ripping and sending spasms through torn nerve endings, the pain screaming its way to my brain and through my lips as I fell to my knees, barely able to contain all the hurt that I thought she could never harbor behind those innocent eyes as she looked at me, cooly, calmly, and blew me off like a gust tossing leaves from a fall tree in the middle of a storm, I guess it was deserved, I tried to hold back and tried to be subtle, and got the brush off of the year award, pushed away in one fell swoop for being an idiot and going against all society has tried to make me, non-emotional user of love and sex, politicized relationships, that don’t need trust, have no reason, being friends was too much, too little, not nearly enough, I had to press, and now wear her razor sharp knife in my chest, when I see her it turns, and stings, disappointment kicks me in the rear and the smile, it fades, as she side steps away, in the second it took to think all of this, before I can utter hello.


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