The World: Part 1, Waste

The world is at war with us, we make her quake and shoot lava, overweigh her crust, and redirect her waterways for our benefit. And we do it to put paper in our pockets which allows us to maintain a status and have material gain. But thats not good enough.

We drain Earth of her every precious good to build what we do not need. We build things wrong so that more can be built so we can keep this paper moving into and out of our pockets, and we call this an economy. To me economy, in its real sense means to economize. And where I was brought up economize meant to be thrifty and get the most out of what you have got. However, our new economy thrives by goods being produced so people can live to pay the bills we accrue just trying to get from day one to day two. Objects are built to fail so we have to buy new. The old can’t be fixed because they were built in a society where it costs more for someone to repair than it does to replace the goods. Example; it costs more for ink than for a printer in some cases. So buy a printer full of ink then throw the printer away rather than buy the ink for more money. Hmm, so this is economics. Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t this strike anyone else as being selfish, odd, wasteful and greedy? We take these materials from the earth in their pure form, make them into something else so we can sell them, and then throw them into a heap which looks nothing like when we found the materials. And Mother Earth can take no more. We blow countries up with weapons that kill and make people die of horrible wounds, and do it to rebuild these countries (in our likeness, like we are gods) so we can say we did it to free them. Free them of what? Living life in a different way than we do. We educate our children to be like us, to buy and buy again rather than teaching them how to fix. And we do it in the name of the almighty dollar. We do it because we forgot where we came from. Or maybe because we don’t know where were going.

What is mans ultimate goal? Does anyone know? If so please enlighten me. We are (supposedly) the earth’s smartest creature but we don’t even have a goal. We charge one another to cure an illness. We charge each other for food. If there is no money in our pockets we are labeled scum. If there is no money in our pockets we may starve or die. And what do we learn about survival and using our wits in this day and age? Nothing. In school do they teach you how to do anything outside of the system they teach us? No. When I was young I learned to trap, to hunt, to fish and to respect the land. I learned to plant and harvest, and to find wild plants which can be consumed. I learned that plants turn carbon into oxygen. So we cut down all the trees to build more things. And we ignore our waste because we have grocery stores and all the modern conveniences. So what happens when these conveniences are gone. What will people do if they know nothing of survival?

We kill our own earth because we waste. We have no common goal as a species. And we leave nothing to our future generations. Because we want it all now. And no one will stop us from getting it. And it doesn’t matter that the world is at war with us, because we are at war with ourselves. And like every good soldier we tune out what bothers us. We ignore what our daily habits produce. And none of us are innocent. And the war rages on around us. But what happens if our economic model which we live day by day collapses? Answer that, and maybe you will think about what tomorrow may be like.


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